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GOLDMAN, SACHS .and. CO. Operations CIMD Operations IMD Ops in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

MORE ABOUT THIS JOB.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; YOUR IMPACT.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Are you looking to apply your quantitative skills while deepening your understanding of how businesses improve with data analytics* The IMD Change Management and Business Intelligence team is seeking a data science professional who will design and implement analytics that will drive continuous improvement and find new business opportunities within the Investment Management and Operations Division..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; OPERATIONS.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Operations is a dynamic, multi-faceted division that partners with all parts of the firm to provide banking, securities, and asset management services to clients around the world. In addition, Operations provides essential risk management and controls to preserve and enhance the firm's assets and its reputation. For every new product launched and every trade executed, it is Operations that develops and manages the processes and controls that enable business flow..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; OUR IMPACT.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; The IMD Operations.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Change Management and Business Intelligence.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Associate will contribute to leading Investment Management Division Operations programs by delivering business intelligence and analytics initiatives. This role will combine accountability and responsibility for automated solutions and business analytics, by exploiting artificial intelligence, process automation and data visualization tools, to generate business value..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; As a data science professional, efforts will include enabling artificial intelligence to solve business problems. The Associate will work closely with business representatives to make predictions and recommendations in line with IMD target operating model and ensure algorithms adapt to new data and experiences to improve efficacy over time and consequently improve business outcomes..and.nbsp;RESPONSIBILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONS.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; HOW YOU WILL FULFILL YOUR POTENTIAL.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Analyze big data and undertake exploratory data analysis while observing best practices for experimentation - analysis.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Develop business intelligence applications and present results.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Design indicators of business intelligence application performance and risk metrics.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Synthesize analysis results to inform business outcomes.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Identify and escalate systems and algorithm performance trends or issues.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Contribute to global Change Management and Business Intelligence functions.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Track and report progress on projects, adhering to solution delivery lifecycle.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Seek information - guidance - opportunities from inside and outside the Firm - industry to corroborate outcomes.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Collaborate with other developers to share ideas and showcase outputs.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; SKILLS .and.amp; EXPERIENCE WE RE LOOKING FOR.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Basic Qualifications:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Bachelor s degree or equivalent in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics - other relevant experience in consumer - financial - social - media tech companies in a role with a focus on artificial intelligence and specifically, machine-deep learning.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * The candidate should possess a minimum of 1-5 years overall experience in 1 Business Intelligence, and 2 Project, Communication and Stakeholder Management.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; C